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Introducing the CapioCyte CTC System*

Utilizing a novel combination of biomimetic cell rolling and dendrimer-mediated multivalent cell capture to deliver high specificity and high capture efficiency of circulating tumor cells
Flow Chamber Prototype
flow chamber prototype
Concept CapioCyte Model*
Biomimetic Cell Rolling and Dendrimer Mediated Cell Capture
Biomimetic Cell Rolling and Dendrimer Mediated Cell Capture
Fluorescence analysis of captured CTCs
  1. Cell rolling mimics the physiological interaction of CTCs and blood vessel walls, slowing movement and recruiting and enriching cells within the flow chamber.

  2. Dendrimer-mediated immunoaffinity capture of CTCs from rolling cell populations.

  3. Fluorescence analysis of captured CTCs; CTC identification (DAPI+/CK+/CD45-) delivering 10-100X greater sensitivity.

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Currently under development, the CapioCyte platform utilizes proprietary chips that are inserted into a specially designed flow chamber. Samples are then passed through this flow chamber at a precisely controlled rate. The surface of the chip is specially treated to induce biomimetic cell rolling to enable cell capture utilizing antibodies bound to dendrimers. Once captured, CTCs can either be recovered for post capture analysis such as RNA-Seq, or they can be automatically stained for subsequent fluorescence image capture, enumeration and analysis. Ultimately, the CapioCyte Platform will have the flexibility to use different capture antibodies for different target cell populations. CapioCyte technology may help researchers further understand the role of CTCs, identify specific patient subpopulations for drug trials, and help in the development of new cancer drugs. In addition, CapioCyte may have an important role for clinical patient management in the future.